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For the past decade and a half, Christian Children's Health & Hope Mission (CCHHM) has reached into remote, rural villages, teaming urban neighborhoods and bustling provincial capitals all across the impoverished Cambodian landscape to bring health and hope to the children who represent the future of this historically embattled nation.

We have combined assistance of quality education for often-overlooked girls and boys by providing teachers' salaries and educational supplies to simple village schools (constructed by the local residents themselves) as well as a preparatory school in the capital where we continue to support students once they leave our lower grades.

In countless villages in the far western province of Battambang, we have also helped the local farmers with fresh water ponds and irrigation improvements as well as constructing new graded roads, connecting communities to markets and each other.

Our medical clinic has not only offered first-rate treatment to countless towns and villages but also provides a mobile clinic, which visits extremely remote communities twice a year with basic health check-ups, crucial medicines and treatment.

In addition to these projects, covering many geographic sections of Cambodia, CCHHM has also helped to provide medical supplies and equipment, school supplies, clothing and orphan supplies to help children, hospitals, clinics and orphanages in the Philippines.

In Africa, we have helped provide medicines to remote health clinics in Cameroon in addition to medical equipment and supplies to assist children, orphans and invalids in Liberia.

In these many and diverse communities around the world, Christian Children's Health & Hope Mission continues to offer just that--health and hope--to those little ones in desperate need, making a significant impact for the future.

Tep Maly Elementary School Project in Phnom PenhSre Ambel Clinic Project in KompotBattambang Province- rural village schools PojectTep Maly Elementary School Project in Phnom PenhSre Ambel Clinic Project in Kompot

Battambang Province- rural village schools Poject